Stiga SAB500AE Cordless Leaf Blower | Plymouth Garden Machinery

Stiga SAB500AE Cordless Leaf Blower (Bare Machine) £119 inc Vat

A lightweight and easy to use cordless leaf-blower that makes cleaning outdoor debris easy! Direct axial airflow improves efficiency; while an intuitive keypad makes it quick and easy to select from the three speed-settings provided.
RRP £136 inc Vat Our Price £119 inc Vat – battery & charger sold separately

The STIGA SAB 500 AE is a cordless leaf-blower designed to make outdoor cleaning-tasks a whole lot quicker and easier! The battery-powered motor ensures zero-emission with less vibration and a huge reduction in noise.

The position of the motor and of the impeller on the SAB 500 AE moves the airflow into one straight direction: This means, you’ll be able to clear any outdoor surface quickly and easily.

An intuitive handle-mounted keyboard enables you to manage the machine’s main functions. You can select from three different air-speed settings, depending on the surface and debris-type: low-speed for clearing lightweight materials across lawns and gravel; medium for shifting grass-clippings and leaves on asphalt and other solid surfaces; or maximum speed for tackling fresh snow, wet leaves and other more challenging debris.

Equipped with an ergonomic handle and weighing only 3.1kg, the SAB 500 AE is easy and comfortable to use. Rubber supports on the underside of this model ensure you won’t have to worry about it tipping over and being damaged when placing it on the ground.

The 48v battery is compatible with all 500-Series System machines. The suggested capacity is 4Ah – battery and charger are sold separately.
RRP £136 inc Vat Our Price £119 inc Vat