Atco Clipper 20   | Plymouth Garden Machinery

Atco Clipper 20 50cm (20") Self Propelled Cylinder Mower £1,319 inc Vat

High performance 4 stroke OHV engine from Briggs & Stratton
Variable speed self-propulsion – work at a pace you find most comfortable
Infinite increment cutting height adjustment
Front/rear rollers for that traditional striped effect
50cm cutting width – cover a substantial area in quick time
The Clipper 20 carries an extended 5 year manufacturer’s warranty (t&cs apply)
RRP £1,429 inc Vat Our Price £1,319 inc Vat

The premium grade Clipper 20 is a classic petrol cylinder mower from a classic British brand, offering a desirable combination of Briggs & Stratton power with stipe producing rollers and variable speed self-propulsion. It has a sizeable 50cm cutting width and a large 62-litre collection box

With the precision engineered ATCO Clipper 20 cylinder-mower, you will be able to produce the sort of close cropped, bowling-green-style finish that’s just not possible to create with a rotary blade machine!

The Clipper 20 is fitted with a six-bladed steel cylinder that delicately snips each blade of grass much like a pair of scissors would – this ensures a super-neat cut with none of the tearing that can occur when using a rotary mower.

Rear and front rollers will lay-down that traditional striped effect that’s so redolent of the British lawn; while infinite increment ground speed adjustment – via the throttle lever – means you can work at a comfortable pace and speed up or slow down according to the grass length.

The cutting height on the Clipper 20 is also infinitely variable and is quick and easy to adjust via a single point system (the range is from 7 to 30mm). Designed for larger-scale use, this model combines a large 62-litre grassbox with a sizeable 50cm width of cut. Power is supplied by a 150cc 550E-Series four-stroke OHV engine from US engineering-giants Briggs & Stratton.

RRP £1,429 inc Vat Our Price £1,319 inc Vat