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Alpina AT3 98 Li Battery Powered 48V Side Discharge Tractor Special Price £3,999 inc Vat

A 48V, side-discharge electric garden-tractor featuring Li-Ion battery power and offering a 98cm cutting-width. Ideal for areas around 3500m2.
Special Price £3,999 Inc Vat

Get genuine petrol-equivalent power and performance and enjoy practically maintenance-free mowing with the cutting-edge Alpina AT3 98 Li battery powered garden tractor!

Instead of a petrol engine, the AT3 98 Electric utilises a latest-generation 48V lithium-ion battery that gives a sizeable one-charge coverage of approximately 3500m2; and which reaches capacity in as little as 2.5 hours with the optional fast charger*.

Rather than collecting clippings, which significantly extends mowing-time, the fast-working AT3 98 Electric side-discharges them directly back onto the turf – this makes it ideal for tackling the sort of long, overgrown grass that would be impractical to bag.

Thanks to its stepless transaxle drive, the AT3 98 Electric offers smooth, responsive acceleration in both forward and reverse, and therefore provides the sort of superior manoeuvrability that’s essential for the safe and accurate negotiation of garden obstacles and awkward corners.

An Alpina Smart seat and Alpina Ergonomic steering-wheel combine to maximise driving-pleasure; while electromagnetic PTO engagement means the blades are started and stopped by simply pushing a button.

Thanks to IP protection for the electrical system and motors, the deck underside on the AT3 98 Electric can be cleaned with water via a practical hosepipe fixture point.

The cockpit on the AT3 98 Electric contains numerous handy features, from a five-LED battery-status indicator and a one-LED battery-status alarm; through to a mobile-phone holder and a USB port.

This productive, 98cm model is capable of reaching speeds of up to 8.5km/h and can be paired-up with an optional mulch-kit.

Special Price £3,999 inc Vat